plant-based Recipes

You just can’t get enough out of plant-based dishes. Every culture has their own twist on plant-based cuisine!


Coming with from a diverse background, I have a love for ethnic cuisines all over the world. Those closest to my heart are Japanese, Western, Chinese, Korean, and that’s what this blog will focus on


One thing about going plant-based is that it really made me appreciate the food I eat. Before I realised, I became immersed in learning about ingredients and trying out new produce I’ve never seen before.


Here I give comprehensive guides on the various ingredients unique to certain cultures, their nutritional value, method of use, and just simply sharing their wonderful delicacy.

One of the best thing about traveling is food. It is through travelling and experiencing the local authentic dishes that you expand your food dictionary and experience flavor combinations you never knew existed before.


One of my biggest concerns about going plant-based was travel; because I’m such a travel foodie. But I soon realised that I am not missing out if you choose to go plant-based. It’s just about doing your research before hand and having the courage to try.